Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello, Yellow. Good Day, Gray.

Hello, Yellow. Good Day, Gray.

Hello, Yellow. Good Day, Gray. by thefashionistalook featuring a silver bag.  Don't you just love yellow and gray together?  I actually own the necklace and bracelet!

Shell top
£38 -

Victoria Beckham zipper jeans
£84 -

Ash ankle cuff sandals
£83 -

Balenciaga silver bag
€1.150 -

Old Navy teardrop jewelry
$7.94 -

Forever21 cord jewelry
$3.80 -

Forever21 leaf jewelry
$2.80 -

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrifty Nifty Under Sixty

Thrifty Nifty Under Sixty

Thrifty Nifty Under Sixty by thefashionistalook featuring a stripe shirt.  For Savvy Sunday, I made this completely cute outfit that costs less than $60!  And the shirt doesn't have holes in it...Polyvore thought that parts of it were transparent. :)

Old Navy stripe shirt
$25 -

Wet Seal summer shorts
$9.99 -

Flip flop shoes
$4 -

St John s Bay pocket tote bag
$16 -

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Floral Fun

Floral Fun

Floral Fun by thefashionistalook featuring bootcut jeans.  I wasn't sure if the Uggs "went" with the outfit, but I think they add some interest.  I love the nail polish!

Floral blouse
$30 -

Pied a Terre military jacket
£48 -

Wet Seal bootcut jeans
£26 -

UGG Australia slouch boots
£95 -

Gathering Eye satchel handbag
$40 -

Urban Outfitters vintage stud earrings
$14 -

Friday, August 26, 2011

Black And Silver

Black And Silver

Black And Silver by thefashionistalook featuring vine jewelry.  I really like this outfit.  The pink is really accented by the black!  And I just love silver.  If you wanted a more classic look, you could pair it with pearls and pink polish.

Pocket dress
£4.99 -

Debenhams Classics crop top
£14 -

Monsoon bootie heels
£75 -

Black clutch

Juicy Couture drop earrings
$58 -

Silver bangle bracelet
$34 -

Vine jewelry

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paris No. 9

Paris No. 9

Paris No. 9 by thefashionistalook featuring short boots.  What makes this outfit so special?  Well, today was my first day of school, and I wore this top!  I think I mentioned this top in an earlier post, Friday Night's Haul.  I don't have black jeans (yet!), but when I get some, I'll definitely pair it with this tee.  I've always loved Uggs, even though I can't wear them.  I think the gray ones match really well!

$20 -

Quiksilver skinny leg jeans
$78 -

UGG Australia short boots
$281 -

Kate Spade satchel shoulder bag
$595 -

VIcenza stretchy bracelet
£8 -

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fashion Is Me!

Fashion Is Me!

Fashion Is Me! by thefashionistalook featuring tear drop earrings.  La mode, c'est moi!  I am in a wonderful mood today...the TLSO brace has been delayed 3 months due to a problem with my x-rays!  *does happy dance*   So, I made a smart, sassy outfit to match my mood. :)

Polo Jeans Company zebra print shirt
£50 -

Standard Jean Co skinny leg jeans
$100 -

High heel booties
$40 -

Natasha Couture bangle bracelet
$45 -

Wet Seal tear drop earrings
$7.50 -

Messenger bag
$79 -

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peasant To Meet You

Peasant To Meet You

Peasant To Meet You by thefashionistalook featuring a toggle necklace.    It's been a busy day.  I'm kinda bummed...I had a doctor's appointment.  Turns out I need a TLSO brace!  If you're not familiar (lucky for you), a TLSO is a custom fitted piece of plastic that wraps you from below your bust to the top of your waist.  It's used to correct posture and curvatures of the spine.  So, unless I want to look like a walking sausage, I'll have to wear loose tops until I get the brace off.  Yay!  I created this outfit because I thought a peasant top might work instead of a t-shirt.

Jane Norman beaded top
£17 -

Denim skinny jeans
$130 -

Forever21 ankle booties
£17 -

Miss Selfridge shoulder handbag
£35 -

Dorothy Perkins heart bracelet
£13 -

Nude Pink lipstick
£4.90 -