Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer v. Fall

Happy first day of fall!  It's gonna be a big change from summer, so I decided to compare the two...

Me at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park over the summer...

Me today!  Sorry for the bad quality.  I just love my purple scarf!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sequined Butterfly

Sequined Butterfly

Sequined Butterfly by thefashionistalook featuring a scoop neck vest.  I love these Uggs!  I figured they matched the vest...

Scoop neck vest
$125 -

£16 -

Mango distressed denim jeans
£35 -

UGG Australia chunky shoes
£95 -

Chain necklace
$250 -

H M metal jewelry
£6.99 -

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I < 3 Orange

I &lt;3 Orange

I <3 Orange by thefashionistalook featuring a yellow gold bangle.  Yes, I know it's the same boot from the last set.  I bought them today!!!  I'm so exited that they fit!  They are SOOOO comfy.  This outfit is the kind of thing I can wear now.  So happy!

Short sleeve sweater dress
$20 -

Anna Sui microfiber tight
$18 -

Ankle booties
$40 -

Leather crossbody handbag
$60 -

Lucky Brand enamel hoop earrings
$25 -

Mixit yellow gold bangle
$14 -

H m jewelry
£3.99 -

Friday, September 16, 2011

Roses Are...Pink?!

Roses Are...Pink?!

Roses Are...Pink?! by thefashionistalook featuring wool handbags.  I really ran with the rose theme!  The importance of this outfit, you ask?  Well, I think these boots might work for me!  If they do, they'll be the first "casual" shoe I've ever worn besides gym shoes.  Yay!

Short sleeve shirt
$80 -

Mango distressed denim jeans
£35 -

$40 -

Wool handbag
£20 -

Forever21 antique jewelry
$5.80 -

Monsoon silver earrings
£4 -